Sunday, July 25, 2010

court side

In the center of The Four Tides is a charming courtyard. Yes, charming does denote small but it is large on quaintness. There are bushes of herbs, a trellis, architectural remnants, the outdoor shower and curvy paths that lead to the cottages. Courtyards are classic, in the truest sense, as they date back to 300 B.C. thus surviving every design trend. I can see why. This is where proposals happen. Or little girls who get lost in their imagination.

On another note just to the right you will see a latticed wall, which is part of Low Tide. This will be replaced by a wall of glass to create an inviting sun porch. Stay tuned...


The Polka Dot Closet said...

It is beautiful! I love the little rustic bird houses, it looks like your finishing touch!


Beach House Living said...

Glass wall sounds really nice. There is a home by us with one and it looks so nice.

French Basketeer said...

A wonderful little axis of activity, the courtyard! I love the bird houses among the herbs...

Debbi said...

Love the bird houses on the old column. Wonderful repurpose for our feathered friends!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

hmmmm....a glass wall. Can't wait to see it and I will definitely stayed tuned!

Lorrie said...

Courtyards have a charm that no one can resist. I can almost smell the rosemary in the photo.

Burlap Luxe said...

Courtyard beauty to long for. Your birdhouses on the brocante post tells its own story. The glass wall will be a wonderful place to invite the life outdoors in.

Love your post,
a follower!

Olivia~ said...

Oh my what a darling little space you have pictured...and oh to be by the ocean, so dreamy.

Carriage House Antiques said...

how nice! Just popped by to let you know that I gave you the sunshine award today over on my blog!

sissie said...

Oh what a beautiful garden, so lush and green. Very welcoming with the bird houses and the pathway to the arbor.

I am visiting your blog for the first time and I like the inviting feel you have created.

I am following you and will be back often.

If you get a chance stop by my blog and say hello.


Linda said...

Just discovered your beautiful blog from the Polka Dot Closet...I have really enjoyed my visit and reading your posts...your blog is really a feast for the eyes! I'm looking forward to reading more~ I am a new follower!

Pink Princess said...

I just discovered your blog too, and also from the Polka Dot Closet lol, and became a follower :). LOVE latice work myself and am planning on adding a sort of "porchy-thingy" with latice of these days lol.

Please come by for a visit if you like.

Hugs from Marian from the Netherlands

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful and dreamy courtyard!! Laguna Beach is such a lovely and heavenly place!
And your little angel in the post below is just precious!!! Congratulations.
I love your blog, so glad I stumbled upon it!
Have a great day.