Thursday, May 27, 2010

happy memory, I mean memorial day

This picture is from the first photo shoot I did with Allan. I remember assorting all the dishes in the open glass shelving. I styled the cake plate from The Beautiful Life aside my friend Hillary's vintage ice cream maker, which works as good as any plug in version.

The ice cream was fun though working with food of the melted variety can be tricky. Olivia was so patient to wait till after the pictures were taken to have her mint chocolate chip strawberry sundae. This kitchen in Ebb Tide has it all. It is a mix of old and new and can fit many hungry tummies.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

cover story

I met Allan on a scout. Riding my bicycle in search of inspiring cottages to publish in a magazine I work with, Cottages & Bungalows, my bike aimed toward the ocean and stalled at this wonderful red house, so different from the modern, ho hum homes dotting the ocean line.

This affable man came outside, invited me in, and offered a tour. Some of you have asked for such a tour, though I am just sorry that blogs do not yet have the capability of having Allan give you one personally. He is quite passionate about his home, the work he put into creating Ebb Tide. I was charmed.

Months later we had a photo shoot. Months after that this image made the cover of Cottages & Bungalows. Months, then years later...well we are married.

the remaining hives

How can you not be in awe by the intricacy of a honeycomb?

bee careful

We had some unexpected visitors at The Four Tides and, after interviewing various services, we landed on Action Bee Removal due to their interest in educating one on the wonders of bees. They even have a website on You Tube, where you learn such things about scout bees, hive building, impressing the queen etc. etc.

This Saturday began the two-day process.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

a little partial to...

When creating this shower there was one thing I was certain of: there had to be lanterns. We had them hanging from a grand arbor on our wedding day, as I love their frivolity and simple beauty that produces smiles. Perhaps lanterns have become a trend for milestone events.

They are still floating from that funky old tree, which guards the Red Tide cottage. Though despite a forecast for showers, I'd like them to stay for awhile--or at least until the baby arrives home.

too sweet

Also on the dessert buffet were madelines. Proust had it right in the evocative power that can come from such simple delectables.


Hillary came up with the theme of nesting, which carried its theme through miniature birds in nests, galvanized bird pedestal dishes and this fantastic cake.

berry blast

What can you do with a bunch of berries? Just look at Jeffrey's arrangement, which has taken the simple berry to an art form.

a heavy shower

Today a group of the most amazing ladies, and some confident men, came together on the deck to celebrate our baby shower.

We had so much fun connecting with incredible friends, and I was completely surprised and humbled by everyone who came together to make it happen. Thank you!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

signs to come

We have been out of commission for a bit here at The Four Tides. There has been floor staining, painting, gardening--all in preparation for two very large arrivals. Summer is our most busy time. Each weekend we welcome new visitors and say farewell to others. It is a torrent of people on holiday and, even if Allan and I have jobs to report to, vacation mode is infectious.

The other, monumental arrival is the birth of our child. Though The Four Tides may not be quite ready for its newest occupant, we can't wait. Each day we do the most we are able, as well as fulfill the obligations of our real life. Yesterday I was on a photo shoot for a special summer magazine I am helping to produce, and these slices of watermelon from the shoot remind me of the excitement to come.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

a saturday in may

Today at The Four Tides there was cake decorating, sea glass organizing (more on that one later) and a late afternoon picnic. Olivia cut the tags from a sundress she overlooked last season, finding it appropriate for our outing. I believe she is entering the wonderful age of girls in sundresses.

We arranged a basket with fruit, flowers and a few classic reads, which we laid out in front of Ebb Tide. The strawberries were particularly sweet.

easy as 1

Today we went to our local Albertson's, the all-purpose grocery store with busy customers stocking up on their grilling needs. However we were greeted by an unexpected display just before the rotisserie chickens. There was a stand of cakes and cookies, aside a table with colorful toppings, to use for decorating.

Allan quickly dashed to his needs while Olivia and I found ourselves stalled, reviewing all the cool little edibles and trinkets. In no time the Albertson's baker, Jeff Collins, who has been working in the pastry department since 1999, proudly showed us a demonstration of his work. He created flowers and swirls with colored frosting that sprouts from plastic baggies and how to use the various candies as flourishes.


Olivia is a pastry chef in the making. She took her swirling very seriously, and attempted countless trial runs before actually decorating the cake.


More fun accessories to decorate your cake with--like Barbie's shoes and bags for food.

Friday, May 7, 2010

mums the word

This weekend is Mother's Day. It is also my first Mother's Day as the stepmother to Olivia. (Though I would like to think that I am not the mean kind of stepmother with gnarled fingers and a major grudge--Olivia is also The Best.) It is also the first Mother's Day for a mom-to-be. As a few of you may know, we are with child, who is currently doing the breast stroke in my tummy. (One more month to go but I am okay with an early arrival even if our house isn't!)

Though we have a lot to do, I will find some time this weekend to create a picnic. These quilts from Lala, just around the corner from us, are a good place to start for some inspiration. I may also use a great John Robshaw quilt I have on loan from Blue Springs Home. Regardless, it will be pretty enough to match the weekend's fantastic forecast.

On another note, I would like to give a big, warm thank you to a mother who needs to bottle up her indelible style of motherhood. Janet Solomon is one of the most generous, warm-spirited people I know. She put a beautiful post on her amazing blog, and introduced me to some amazing people, who I look forward to getting to know better. It's only a shame that Janet has three children as they are replicas of her, and we need more replicas of Janet! She is a great source of inspiration to me and I will be depending on her for lots of motherly advice. More on this later...