Thursday, November 4, 2010

few easy pieces

To turn on the heat indoors decorate with printed boxes, a straw hat, flowers that fit another season and a sweet drawing from Olivia's younger years. Thus combining the natural, handmade and a hometown souvenir to show a personalized look.

tra la la lala

Part of the Laguna Beach look is Lala. Kerry Cassill's store that offers the softest Indian print clothes is the next best thing to wearing nothing. The patterns are cheerful while they fit in with every season. She also offers the best of warm faraway places such as straw bags, hats, beach mats, umbrellas and sundresses that moms and daughters will fight over. The look reminds of summer, keg parties and stepping out of the boundaries of a bonfire party for a swim in the ocean.

if i have this correctly

Could I be mistaken? The date says November 4th but the temperature reads 86 degrees. (Please see time of post: 7:53 p.m.) Referring back to my East Coast upbringing, a day so hot a water bottle left in your car is like sipping tea on your return from the market is unheard of.

It's in my DNA to crave chunky sweaters, boots and warm, homemade soups on November 4th, not soft nightgowns and falling asleep to the sound of a whirring fan. I suppose we will have to make the most of it and have a beach day tomorrow.

Monday, November 1, 2010

till next year

Last night the siblings trick-or-treated in North Laguna, eschewing the raucous Oak Street territory for a saner experience. While Olivia loaded on candy, I took the opportunity to peek inside homes that are open this one evening a year, finding some great places to profile for the magazines.

queen bee

Olivia even won a prize, cutest bee, though if her brother made it till the end of the fair perhaps their colloborative costume would have garnered another win.

what to bee on Halloween

Forget an evening of trick-or-treating, Luc and Olivia spent the weekend celebrating. Friday afternoon it launched off with Boo Blast at Olivia's school, her last year of elementary school. The duo went as bees, though different in style, their costumes match their ages.