Wednesday, August 4, 2010

another tide

Allan, Luc and I just returned for a week in Northern California. (Sadly, Olivia is away at sleep away camp--her first time from home). For the next few days I will share this experience, with random posts, as my thoughts jump from one amazing moment to the next.

The purpose of the trip was for Allan's Vineman event--he finished the Ironman (a gazillion mile swim, bike and marathon). Yes, he has the DNA of a thoroughbred. However, unexpectedly, we found ourselves in holiday mode. We travelled by car and skipped through towns where you could imagine a crusty old novelist abandoning mainstream for a life of reclusion. Sometimes we stopped our car to check out the natural beauty. Barns, fields, ocean and remnants of the past are some of the things we stumbled upon.


*The Beautiful Life* said...

Beautiful picture! You know something? My sister was the founding president of the Bud Light Ironman -- originating out in Hawaii. She sold the race to Dr. Gill (from here in Florida) quite some time ago but I will never forget my teen years spending summers with her out in Hawaii marveling at her business aptitude and passion for that race. It would literally take her all year long to plan and stage that one event. Oh but what an event!!! Has your hubby ever participated in it out in Kona? Congrats to him for doing it!! Me? Never. I'm lucky to glance at my treadmill now and then!! :)

Looking forward to seeing more about your lovely short holiday.


The Four Tides said...

What a fantastic connection. Allan participated in the Ironman back in its earliest days--82 and 84. The event is part of his life. Amazing, what your sister pulled off. xo