Wednesday, December 8, 2010

happy holidays

Luc, Olivia and Allan all went to the Sawdust Festival last weekend. A charming event that truly captures the real essence of Laguna Beach. There are booths where artists peddle their wares, food and Christmas scenes everywhere. I had a pity-fest since I was working away and only have this joyful photo to play from.

The irony was that I told my sister, probably as this photo was taken, that I did not have the time for Christmas cards this year. She thought that was a shame. Allan and family came home, he showed me this image from his camera phone, I think we may have a card...

baby food

I am typing with one hand because Master Luc is bouncing on my knee. So, please excuse any typos or that this post is not quite "poetic." Since my last entry I wrote a book, thus my excuse for being absent. A lot has happened in this period. Luc is onto solids though, as my father pointed out from this picture, he wondered if Luc is getting any food at all.

Due to the extraordinary deadline pressure I have been a bit cranky, which my friends and family graciously tolerated, as every free moment was devoted to the book and not holiday activities.

Oh, Luc is saying something right now. It's a combination between "da, a da and blah." Whatever the word, it means something in his little world right now. The milestones in his life are coming at us in rapid speed. It is true, they grow up fast.