Thursday, April 8, 2010

losing my marbles

Not just the material used to create statues, marble is the go to stone for some of the best looking kitchens I've been in. My last home was filled with it--tables, counters, cutting boards--I loved its simplicity despite naysayers who admonished its impracticality. Allan and I are looking into ways to bring marble into one of the cottages, either Low or High Tide.


Jen Lawrence said...

I know! I know! I just used marble in my master bath reno. Every morning, looking at the tiles and countertops makes me feel unbelievably happy.

mimi charmante said...

my kitchen countertops are marble and while they mark, and spot, and show their wear, I love that about them! there is something comforting, and classic, and simply beautiful, don't you think?
loving the blog my friend - bravo!

Paris Atelier said...

I'm obsessed with it. We have it on the entire lower floor of the house and used it for our baseboards as well. We have a rather large English garden on an acre as our yard and I incorporated the same marble outside around the base of our fountain and along the rails of the bridge. Both the glossy well taken care of marble inside and the weathered garden marble outside look stunning. I think the fact that it is impractical makes it even more beautiful and unexpected. I am truly loving the new blog, it is gorgeous!