Tuesday, September 14, 2010

too much food

I have neglected The Four Tides as of late because my focus has been on food. Lots of it. Last year, aside from learning that I was pregnant, I conceived the idea for Yum Food & Fun, a magazine about food and entertaining. I am quite convinced that the pregnancy and a professional excuse to obsess about food is related.

We are working on holiday issues for Yum and its off-shoot, Yum for Kids, so organizing the home would be a luxury right now. Today's assignment was quinoa--the It Grain. In fact quinoa was on one of my week's craving list when I was pregnant as I was attracted to its healthy benefits and found it to be a more substantive alternative to rice and couscous.

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Simply Mel said...

My curiosity is peaked ~ you will let us know when and where we can subscribe, non?