Thursday, May 27, 2010

happy memory, I mean memorial day

This picture is from the first photo shoot I did with Allan. I remember assorting all the dishes in the open glass shelving. I styled the cake plate from The Beautiful Life aside my friend Hillary's vintage ice cream maker, which works as good as any plug in version.

The ice cream was fun though working with food of the melted variety can be tricky. Olivia was so patient to wait till after the pictures were taken to have her mint chocolate chip strawberry sundae. This kitchen in Ebb Tide has it all. It is a mix of old and new and can fit many hungry tummies.


Carriage House Antiques said...

wow what a collection of selzter bottes...I have that ice cream bucket :)
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*The Beautiful Life* said...

How fun, Jacqueline! I adore how the cottages each have their own sweet name. (Love your daughter's name, too! My daughter is "Olivia" as well!). :)

How neat that the cake plate has a place in this special, first-ever photo shoot. Little did you know what sweetness life would hold for you two! Fabulous!

Thanks so much for sharing this memory -- it is fun AND sweet -- just like ice cream!

Have a great weekend!


French-Kissed said...

Such a delight to discover your first visit found me reading every post! You had me with the story of how you met your husband...and now to add a precious little one to your dreamy beach cottage life...ahhhhh...all the best to you as you enjoy the blessings and bliss!


Gypsy Purple said...

I just looooove this image!!!!!

carrie leber said...

wow - that's a great kitchen! Just gave me some ideas for my own kitchen which is laid out in the same manner (sink, cooker, ect) I like that there's no soffit over the upper cabinets.