Thursday, November 4, 2010

if i have this correctly

Could I be mistaken? The date says November 4th but the temperature reads 86 degrees. (Please see time of post: 7:53 p.m.) Referring back to my East Coast upbringing, a day so hot a water bottle left in your car is like sipping tea on your return from the market is unheard of.

It's in my DNA to crave chunky sweaters, boots and warm, homemade soups on November 4th, not soft nightgowns and falling asleep to the sound of a whirring fan. I suppose we will have to make the most of it and have a beach day tomorrow.


Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

Even up here in the high desert, it is usually cold by Halloween. This is crazy weather we're having, isn't it? I put on a sweater the other morning, and was changing to a tee within the hour :-) Of course, if we lived by the beach, my husband would be in heaven surfing in this weather in November.

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