Friday, October 15, 2010

sweet spot

Don't let the pink color fool you, these cookies actually taste quite good, with a strong dose of holiday spice.

fashion plates

Desserts are an easy way to brighten the eye. Truffles are mini art pieces.

can't wait till the holidays are over

Three holiday magazines are nearly completed--and I do not mean Halloween. The peculiar thing about working on monthly publications is it can really make you out of sorts, like living in the Southern Hemisphere for a year when you are from the North.

We are wrapping up the December holiday issue of Yum, and just when you think you've completed your tasks another one falls on your plate--literally. I have made and created recipes from such foods as spiced cheese balls to Cornish game hen. I do appreciate the simplicity in easy edibles like these melon balls wrapped in prosciutto. Scooping the melons recalls my days in Home Ec. (Shhh, Home Economics was the worst grade I received that semester).

back to reality

Perhaps this weekend won't be spent attending to work deadlines, and I can actually spend some time with Luc and the family in the pool. (Though not as hot as the other week, this is Laguna).

Luc had his first foray into the pool a few weeks ago, and he took to the water the way one would expect of a baby born within the parallels of SoCal. He is all business with his kick, kicks and paddles. He even plunges his head in the water despite our precautions.